Invest & Pay

Akik Coin is a self-funded project, no presale
no ICO and with ultra low 1% premine.


About Akikcoin Project

Akikcoin is aimed to be the only payment instrument on Akikcoin Project entire ecosystem.
With masternode and PoS coin consensus, Akikcoin is also an investment and payment instrument.

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Blockchain as a Service

Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) is its distributed ledger equivalent. It describes the process by which a third party installs, hosts and maintains blockchain networks on behalf of other organizations. Today, BaaS is utilized in industries such as fintech, IoT, supply chain and telecommunications to give businesses exposure to blockchain without getting their hands dirty.

The Why or The Problem

Multi Protocol

More than 100+ Blockchain protocols and counting, each with its own node, implementation and documentation.


Libraries patches and upgrades are not always secure and harder adoption for non Blockchain developers

Huge Cost

Huge servers cost for having the full nodes of needed Blockchain protocols. Huge cost for having secure, 100% uptime and synced nodes. Huge cost for development needed to integrate needed Blockchain protocols


Often updates of both clients and libraries and choosing the right framework and infrastructure

How to solve?

To develop an application that relies on one or more Blockchain protocols, you need to hire Blockchain developers with experience in each of these Blockchain protocols, setup and secure the servers, sync the nodes, find a good and reliable library and integrate each Blockchain protocol separately.
Using Blockchain APIs, you can use multiple Blockchain protocols with one simple API. BaaS will give you the time to focus on building your product, save time and cost, drive innovation, accelerate business and reduce risk.


2020 Q2

- Akikcoin Mainnet Launching.
- Listing on exchanges.
- Listing on MNO and MNBIZ
- Listing on Price Aggregators.

2020 Q3

- Marketing Campaign to increase project awareness.

2020 Q4

- Beta version of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) product released.
- Akikcoin expansion as masternode investment instrument.
- Utilisation of Akikcoin as payment currency.

2021 Q1

- Stable and improved version of BaaS Platform.
- BaaS Product promotion and partnership.
- Decentralised Akikcoin mobile wallet.